Youth Group

The youth group consists of students in the 7-12th grades and meets for a time of worship from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on Sunday nights.  The praise band, which consists of high school students, leads the youth in worship songs.  Our youth minister and small group leaders teach the youth through many different studies to help them grow spiritually.  It is the desire of the youth minister that everyone that enters the church doors knows about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and learns how to share their faith boldly. 

Girl's Missionary Auxiliary

The Girl’s Missionary Auxiliary is a discipleship program for girls starting in 4th grade through high school. GMA was started and is supported by BMA (Baptist Missionary Association) churches throughout the US and in several foreign countries. Besides Bible study requirements students perform service projects and learn about mission works supported by BMA churches. Girls will complete 9 steps including, Maiden, Lady in Waiting, Lady, Princess, Queen, Regal Queen, Imperial Queen, Superior Queen, Sovereign Queen.

Discipleship is a life-long process. We believe the design of the GMA curriculum is a wonderful start to a life of growth and service. The lessons available cover a variety of topics and have an emphasis on personal study, growth and service.

At the end of GMA's the girls will have learned God's plan of salvation, learned and participated in mission work, learned how to work in groups, and gained valuable friendships that last a lifetime. 


The Galilean ministry is a missions and discipleship ministry for young men entering the 4th grade and continues through high school. It is divided into six levels of study, called steps. Each step contains the basic elements of personal service, mission studies, christian witnessing, bible study, and church involvement.

The six steps of advancement are:

Tyro - a recruit, or beginner in learning

Fellow - a comrade, associate, or companion of others who are learning about Christ

Follower - one who follows; attendant; one in pursuit of; one who copies another, one who attempts to be like Christ; the greatest example

Disciple - one who receives instruction from another concerning fruitful service for Christ

Herald - one who proclaims, publishes, announces, or foretells; a messenger of Christ

Ambassador - one sent forth into the world as the personal representative of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ

Within each of these steps the young man will spend time in memorization and of study of the Bible. He will spend time in service to his church, read and study concerning missionary work, and preform personal service projects for his church.

By the time a boy has completed the Steps he will have memorized 263 verses of Scripture, be able to lead another to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, completed outlines on the Life of Christ and the Life of Paul, both based on personal study and research.