But It's Wednesday . . .

Are you guilty of saying "yes" when maybe after a little consideration a "no" would have been in order?  Every now and again Laura has to remind me that my birth certificate says I was born in Missouri,  not on the planet Krypton. (That's Superman's home planet for the comic book illiterates out there).  At some point every year or so I find myself regretting that I took on a task because I simply failed to consider what it would cost versus the things I need to do, or would rather do.

Our first thought should be that regardless of what we may have agreed to, it does not negate the BIG yeses in our life.  We are to love the Lord with all our heart soul and strength.  Love our neighbor and our family, eat, drink, work, and even sleep. (consider Matt 22:37-40; Ecc 2:24; Psalm 127:2)  Some of what we oblige ourselves to may be more or less critical, but none override those primary commitments we have.

Often someone wants to talk with me about finding balance in life, ministry, family, etc.  What I sense is they are usually seeking  permission to say "No" to one thing in order to say "Yes" to something they know is greater.  Thankfully the Lord has given us a clear word on this.  It's not an easy word, but it is clear.  In James 5:12 we are commanded not to swear by anything, but simply let our "yes be yes and our no be no."

Consider this when you've said "Yes" to something you know you probably should have said "No" to.  Among other things Believer, we owe it to our Lord Jesus Christ to honor Him through our commitments even if they have proven inconvenient.  The context of the command in James actually regards patient suffering under trial, using Job as the believers example.  By application, we continue faithfully through a trial and anticipate the compassion and mercy of God, not make or seek some vain, lesser hope (like swearing by heaven).  Again, we proceed provided we do not sacrifice commitment to our Lord, family, ministry, personal health, etc.

Besides, and let's never forget, we probably said "Yes" because it was something worth doing in the first place.  Maybe I shouldn't have called the blog "Tuesday with Bro. Tony" and then decided to start on the first Tuesday in April.  What if a Tuesday gets covered up and I can't write until Wednesday, or not at all that week?  "Well," I said this morning (since I started writing I've already had two meetings), "if someone was to hit the link this morning, I don't figure they were concerned with the day of the week in the first place."  Let's finish what we start with joy, honoring the Lord in it all.

So here's to honoring God with the big yeses, as well as the little one next Tuesday (or Wednesday, or Thursday, or maybe next May!)